Friday, July 10, 2009

here comes the difference between the great australian captains like steve wough and ponting..

ponting was lucky to get the players like shane warn, adam gilcrist, mathew hayden, glen mcgrath etc.. so he didn't want to get tensed about the performances of his team mates.. all were in-born talents eventhough they were having some out of form seasons most of the times it was very short.. since the team was contains people like that, the rest of the players were having enough confidence to perform upto their level.. so the team were doing such a performance.. and it is the truth that if somebody having the confidence like that they can beat any team without have much efforts.. they were performing like team.. but as the time changes and they lost their golden players by retirement... now they are facing the real problem because eventhough they are comparitively better players but couldn't not able to perform as a team.. and ponting this time has the threat for his cap also when he is in the ashes against england.. it is sure his future depends on this ashes.. if he lose in thw ashes then surely he can also think about his retirement..

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  1. I agree. If Ponting loses the Ashes, he can start preparing for his retirement. I don't know who is capable of replacing him, though.