Friday, July 24, 2009

what's making test cricket boaring!!! my view!!!!!!

now a days everybody is discussing about the future of test cricket and how can they keep the test cricket alive in the current situation with what are all modification.. see what happened to todays sreelanka-pakisthan test cricket and how it won't boar the people who were there of watching the test cricket.. see if the situation was like they have to get the result today might have some more people might have been there.. because when both the captians were decided for the draw still 15 more overs were there and srilanka just need 100+ run to win the game... i think there should be some mechanism for finding the result, and draw situation needs to be removed..
also there should be some rule for the team scoring @ a rate of 4 runs per over can have some bonus point and like that.. actually eventhough there is a chance for result many of the players will play for draw rather than win.. that makes the spectetors boaring...

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  1. It was getting interesting when both the captains decided to call it off. How terrible it must have been for the Sri Lankan fans who spent the whole day watching the match. Cannot believe they did that.