Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Was dhoni's decision to take batting powerplay right?. - Ind-Aus 2009 First ODI

The single decision can change the result of the match . Yesterday the decision of taking powerplay done that. India was comparitively playing well with a partnership of 60+ and australlia was looking for a breakthrough when india took the powerplay. It was a matter of taking 120 runs in 15 overs with 7 wicket in hand was not a tough task. As the fileds are spread and the batsmen is settled india might be able to scrore singles and doubles in that situation. Once the powerplay taken, in the first ball itself india lost settled gambhir. And then as usual raina came into the crease. There comes one more question why didn't india try the option of harbajan or praveen instead of raina at that stage. As india need 100+ run raina was under pressure and desperately looking for boundaries. the result was nothing but giving the wicket to johnson. Even after losing raina india didn't change their line up. This is where the situation captain need to think twise before taking the decision. I am not blaiming our captain the fact that come to mind is this. In every sports the teams needs to change their plan and tactics according to the situation, not a pre-planed action executing like a machine. India lost cheaply from a position where inida can win the match. Still six more matches to go. India just needs to analise the lost and must understand what were the faults they made in the match. Otherwise the result will be favour for australlia again. India need to think about their bowling. Indians also needs to analyse their bowling, if they can do that they can easliy found that they are giving alots of runs on the on-side. Why indians are not able to bowl consistently on the offstump line?. When ever they are doing that they are troubling the oponents very well like nehra done against ponting?.
Infact when i write upto this india is trying to reduce the margin of defeat with the help of harbhajan and praveen kumar. Now i am thinking if they were having the powerplay on they might be done better than what indian batsmen done. Let me stop here and one mistake i have written on top is india lost cheaply rather than india lost a close match, let it be there as it is.

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