Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IPL and terrorism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The recent attack against srilankan teams makes threat for the IPL tournament. Now it is very important to think about the inclusion of foreign players in the tournament. Because all the players are already concern about their security in India. Eventhough India have proved that india is having much much better security and safer condition here by conducting the Test series against England after the Mumbai attacks. But this time around it will be more risk as the election and the tournament are on the same period of time. Since we can't predict the planning of terrorist why don't we think about participating only indians this time.Because the players from other countries will be more tensed and won't be able to perform well. And even a small incident will make the situation more tensed and can affect the future of cricket in india the current condition in pakistan. So it will be a better idea to include only our players atleast for the first round it will give confident to the foreign players and also it  will be a better chance for our players to prove their talents. 

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