Monday, March 9, 2009

We didn't loose the match but still............................

Yesterday when india started well against newzealand after losing sehwag and gabhir with out making big score. As the line up in the paper suggest the rest of the batmsan done their duty well. And once again a beautiful innings from sachin and infact his decision to retire after hitting 163 in the 45th over was great. he just convey message that there is no important for the personal records and it is important to have runs for the team. I don't think if any other batsman in the world in that situation won't retire because he was having a better chance to hit double century in the innings and it will be a rare chance for him in his life time. But as he said always it is important to have teams target rather than the personal records. When raina done it in the style it proves suchin's decision to retire was best, as it will increase his injuary only. India finishes well in their batting and i think will be more relaxed when they were for the lunch time. Might be they won't have the plans for the rest of the parts. When india starts their second half it proves that. India's bowling was better when it starts off. But India's fielding proves the players were lazy and they won't worry about taking wickets or blocking boundaries. Indian fileder's were competing to make the mistake in the fields. May be one or two or even some more is understandable but india's fielders were competing to give runs and saving the newzealand's batsman's life. there is no point of critisizing the indian team but india came to this position by their hardwork so they have to continue their victory if they can do what they have done in the past. Atlast but not least inidan fielders were able to got their men back to pavalion.

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  1. It was a great innings from Sachin. What an amazing player!