Monday, March 16, 2009

A Lose without making fight!!!!!!!!!

Every people like to win their team whether it is a national team or local team or even club. But even when their team lose sometimes that also they will accept it if their team do their best.. but nobody wants to see losing their team without making even a fight... that's what we have seen in the last match against newzeland.. when india lost the 20-20 mathches that was a good fighting matches, otherwise india do upto their level in both matches.. yes ofcourse there was lots of help for the newzeland bowlers and this time dhoni was not able to read that.. otherwise he might opted for bowling first.. and importantly newzeland may feel sorry about their plan to go for batting pitches rather than the bowling one as they preffered in india's last tour.. and this can surely make impact on the coming test series... what i tried to point out that it doesn't matter if the team lost but it will never come from the laziness.. all the best for dhoni and team in test series....

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