Monday, August 24, 2009

bcci is going to kill the indian cricket....

what's happening in the indian cricket ??.. bcci is looking earning money in all aspect rather than thinking about the players and the countries performance in the international events.. even the same is showing towards the great events like world cup.. it is absolutely rediculus.. bcci released next years ipl schedule which is about to finish just 5 days before the 20-20 world cup.. how the players will be able to relax after a one and half month event.. as all the players are participating in all the matches of ipl there is a great chance of injuries always.. and their mental stress in such an event also will be high.. also from 2011, the number of games in the ipl also going to increase.. that also will affect the fitness in the coming years of cricket... bcci is working as a private company rather than a sports assossiation of a country.. that should be changed.. see what is just happended in the upcoming triseries india's match is post-poned for participating the indian players in the ipl champions trophy.. that leads india to play in the two odis in the concecutive days.. bcci is always thinking from their business point of view rather than a country's point of view.

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  1. It is really unfortunate that IPL has become more prominent than international events.