Wednesday, August 12, 2009

its all about playing positively rather than playing defensively..

recently all the cricketing people were discussing about the future of test cricket. In the olden days of cricket, the game was all about test cricket and there was less number of shorter version of cricket. As the changes comes to cricket as natural 60 over match came into picture first, then it changes into one day with 50 overs. And now the trend is all about 20-20s. This also may change in next 10 years. Still all believe the classic form of cricket is test cricket. Because it needs the real talent, fitness concentration etc. But what is happening is the cricketers are less interested in playing test cricket and also the spectetors are less for the match. What makes test cricket boaring?? and why the spectetors are walking away from the test cricket galeries?? and where disappear the mexican waves in the galeries??. There was lots of cricket fans for atleast the series like Ashes, Border Gavaskar Trophi, and Australia-South Africa series and India-Pak sereies. If any one have a close analysis with the listed series why spectetors are interested more in the series is nothing other than because of the agressiveness in the matches. There was ofcource lots of un-noticed events in the past 10 years of test cricket which makes the cricket fans away from the test cricket. When the palyers like sachin were playing in their great form the opposition teams were bowling to his leg stump most of the times, secondly in most of the series if one team won first one or two matches, then for the rest of the series the team was playing for draw, rather than try for the win, and the pitches the created for the matches also was favouring the host always. There were a lots of fans for australian cricket, and recently their fans were moving away from their matches, australians lost their agressivenes in the field. As the champions lost their crown.

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